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  • "Mostly of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often."


    for our favourite Cruel Prince, this Cardan candle is almost too nice-smelling for this cruel and manipulative prince, but even this cruel prince has a soft spot. speaking of Jude, this is the perfect pairing to our Jude candle! thanks to our rep, Catheryne P. (@catherynereads on Instagram) for helping me create these candles!


    scent: wickedness, honey, faerie wine & berries.


    please note: all aurora candle co. products are made from extremely small batches. this may result in inconsistensies when it comes to colour, glitter, technique, scent, etc. we guarantee our candles are always made with 100% soy wax and cotton wicks. frosting is a natural byproduct of soy wax-making, and does not affect the quality or burning time of a candle in any way.


    candle care instructions: to utilize the full burn time of a soy candle, it is best to burn to the edges of the candle to avoid tunneling, burn between 1 to 2 hours but no longer than 4, keep the candle stored with the lid on, and always trim your wick to 1/4". to prevent fire, always burn within eyesight, and keep away from children/pets. never touch a hot candle.


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    • a creamy white, with micro glitter.